Public Toilet Near Me

Public Toilet Near Me

Find the nearest public toilets around you now!

Where can I find public toilets near me? Are you in a hurry to go to the bathroom as soon as possible? Do you need to do your needs right away?

Welcome to, this site is here to help you locate toilets and restrooms around you now! Using the maps and the simple search of this website, you can see where it the closest place to shit and pee in your location now.

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Find public toilets nearby

Whether if you are located in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago or in any other city, here you can see where there is a place with public toilets near you.

Below there is a Google map with locations of places with public toilets around the United States. You can click on any icon to see more information, or on “view larger map” to view the map on full screen.

Locations of public toilets

The daily need of humans to toilets will never disappear and that is true also for the need to find a public toilet nearby, while there are not so many places that are dedicated to serve the public with clean toilets, we are committed to display locations of public toilets.

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Tips to find public toilets

Are you in an area where there is no public toilets near you? Here are a few things you can do:

  1. If there is a restaurant near you, you can ask the waiter for a permission to pee, or you can sit down and order something to eat, and then you can pee as a regular customer of the place.
  2. If there is a gas station with a convenience store close to you, you can go there and ask if they have toilets open for the public.
  3. If there are no gas stations and restaurants nearby, just find a corner where no one can see you and go ahead… (If you are a women, don’t forget to take some toilet paper with you) and enjoy the nature.

Toilet on the side of the road

Types of public toilets

There are several types of toilets, below we will list the different toilet types we are most familiar with:

  1. Free public toilets: Those are places where you can just come in and pee without getting any special permission from the owners of the place, usually, free public toilets can be found in malls, shops and other public venues.
  2. Cheap public toilets: These are usually cleaner and nicer because there are workers that take care of the bathrooms and this is why they cost a few pennies.

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Reviews about public toilets

Also, please send us reviews about public toilets around you, add a description such as if they are clean and if they are free-to-use, we will add your review to this site as soon as possible.

Should I go to the public toilets?

Some people really don’t like to do their needs in the public toilets and because of that they will hold tight until they get home, others don’t really care and they will do everything to find the closest restroom, to which group do you belong? Only you can tell.


About this website

PublicToiletNearMe is no other than the place to find the closest toilets online using a mobile phone or a computer at home.

Whether you need to shit or pee, or just to wash your hands, we are proud to let you know that we have the information you’re looking for on this website.

The site is easy-to-use and comes in handy especially when you’re outside and need a place to urinate or to make poop.

Let us know if you need help to locate public toilets nearby your location, contact us at, peace!